Albert "Patches" Holz


Suffering is an unrelenting instructor

Home World Background Role
Void Adeptus Mechanicus Chirugeon


Weapon Skill (WS) 38 - Intellegence (INT) 45 Simple (+5)
Ballistics (BS) 34 - Perception (PER) 39 Simple (+5)
Strength (S) 32 - Will Power (WP) 32 -
Toughness (T) 28 - Fellowship (FEL) 32 -
Agility (AG) 36 - Influence (IFL) 32 -


Acrobatics (Ag) - Medicae (Int) +10
Athletics (S) - Navigate (Surface) (Int) -
Awareness (Per) - Navigate (Steller) (Int) -
Charm (Fel) - Navigate (Warp) (Int) -
Command (Fel) - Operate (Auronautical) (Ag) -
Commerce (Int) - Operate (Surface) (Ag) -
Common Lore (Int) Operate (Voidship) -
Adeptus Merch. Known Parry (WS) -
Psyniscience (Per) -
Scholatic Lore (Int)
Deceive (Fel) -
Dodge (Ag) -
Forbidden Lore (Int)
Scrutiny (Per) -
Security (Int) Known
Slight of Hand (Ag) -
Inquiry (Fel) - Stealth -
Interrogation (Wp) - Survival (Per) -
Intemidate (S) - Tech Use (Int) +10
Linguistics (Int) Trade (Int)
Armorer +10
Logic (Int) Known

Talents and Traits

Home World Bonus Child of the Dark A voidborn character starts with the
Strong Minded talent, and gains a +30 bonus to tests
for moving in a zero gravity environment.
Starting Talent Mechadendrite Use Gain ability to use certain Mechadendrites.
Starting Talent Weapon Training (Solid Projectile) Use weapon group without penalty.
Background Bonus Replace the Weak Flesh An Adeptus Mechanicus character counts the Availability of all cybernetics as two levels more available (Rare items count as Average, Very Rare items count as Scarce, etc.).
Role Talent Resistance: Radiation Gain +10 to particular resistance test.
Role Bonus Dedicated Healer In addition to the normal uses of Fate points (see page 293), when a Chirurgeon character fails a test to provide First Aid, he can spend a Fate point to automatically succeed instead with the degrees of success equal to his Intelligence bonus
Talent Technical Knock Un-jam gun as half action.
Talent Weapon Tech The Acolyte calls upon the blessings of the Omnissiah, channeling his faith into his weapon and performing armament rituals to more readily smite his foes. Once per combat encounter, as a Free Action, this character may enhance any Melta, Plasma, Power, or Exotic weapon he is personally wielding. This increases the weapon’s damage and penetration by an amount equal to the character’s Intelligence bonus until the end of the round.
Talent Armor Monger The Acolyte is a skilled armourer, and constantly tinkers and improves his armour, or keeps it in pristine shape by repairing the slightest damage it sustains. With years of training, he has even learned to enhance the protection afforded by his armour and how to use it to its optimum. The character gains an extra amount of Armour points equal to his Intelligence bonus, which he can distribute to any locations that his armour would normally cover, as long as he has at least an hour each day to clean and repair it or make minor modifications. This bonus applies only to armour when the Acolyte is wearing it, as it combines his training with his skill at armoury.


name: Autogun cls: Basic
rng: 1000m rof: S/3/10 dmg: 1d10 I
pen: 0 clip: 30 rld: Full Wt: 5kg avl: AV


  • Imperial Robes
  • 2 vials
  • Optical Mechadendrite
  • Medikit


  • Intelligence
  • Fieldcraft
  • Perception
  • Knowledge
  • Strength
  • Toughness
  • Tech

Albert "Patches" Holz

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